barry de more

barry-de-more-expressionist-painterBarry De More began painting early in life and won an international painting prize in 1959 at the age of eleven. However, I didn’t really start painting seriously until 1976, having always been interested in the relationship between the figure and buildings, but how to make sense of the complexity and how it might become a painting is an on-going development.

As a figurative painter my primary source of inspiration arises from observation and the on-the-spot drawing or painting. Currently my main focus of interest is to be found in the area of Yorkshire, in particular the urban landscape, peopled with human activity and how they relate to one another in a painting.

I do not look to the picturesque, but prefer the more unexciting and the ordinary so that I might make something more memorable of the commonplace. Looking for an arrangement, something of interest among the urban landscape would suit me fine as a starting point,  my aim is to find another visual language of expression in which to interpret the subject. I don’t set out to imitate reality but try to invent another new reality for myself.  

The life of the subjects being mainly townscapes, its buildings in all their fundamental elements and the addition of the people and their relationship to the buildings are made to meld and gel providing harmony throughout the painting. As the painting develops I allow it to take its own path and the initial subject can be almost lost in the energies and life of the painting. It becomes a new thing.

When looking at my paintings one can detect a nervous probing, moving the paint around to get something that works coherently with the rest of the paint which contributes to the overall energies of the surface. As a serious painter I am constantly looking for a way to express my warm feeling for Yorkshire, its landscape and its people.I wouldn’t call myself an ‘artist’ but a man who paints his emotions.

My studio is in Elland, West Yorkshire. I am primarily a self-taught artist with over 35 years experience. The artists who influenced my development over the years were Constable, Turner, Sickert, The Impressionists, Auerbach and Kossoff, but there are many more who I consider to have been my teachers.

My painting career began in earnest in 1976, however in 2003 I enrolled at the Bradford College of Art and after 3 years gained my BA (Hons) as a Fine Art Painter. I then went on to Huddersfield University and attained my teacher’s qualification in Further Education. I have taught painting and drawing at Bradford College of Art, Todmorden College, Calderdale College and in adult education in Lancashire,

My paintings can be found in private collections including the Royal Collection after being invited by Calderdale College of Art to present Prince Andrew with a painting from my Foundry Series, 2003. Also, my work has sold at home and abroad. In more recent years an Academic Book Publishing Company approached me after locating, and being impressed, with my Art Degree Dissertation. This resulted in the publication of my monograph entitled ‘From the Academies to the Rising Sun; The Influence of Japanese Art on the Later Work of Degas and Van Gogh’.



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