donald holden

015Donald Holden – ‘Since retiring painting has become a way of life as I am now able to pursue some of the thoughts and ideas stored over my years of teaching art.

My work is landscape based, most of the sources being found in the North of England with particular reference to North East Lancashire. It seems very natural to respond to the area that I know best. Having spent a life time looking at my surroundings it is still possible to be surprised; to “see” for the first time in a familiar situation; to find the trigger which fires the imagination.

Influences come from many sources: from artists within the British Landscape tradition such as Paul Nash, John Piper and Graham Sutherland. Others who are still working include David Prentice, David Tress, Barbara Rae and many others, no doubt some of which still wait to be discovered. Such influences are seen as a source of inspiration and a licence to experiment with my own ideas.

My paintings are all produced from preliminary drawings, many of these produced on site in front of the subject, rather than from photographs. It is from such studies that manipulation of both subject and materials begins, the aim being to work in an open ended way towards an expressive statement which reflects much of the original stimulus experienced in front of the subject’.

Donald Holden has taught in several High Schools throughout the North West, for the last 26 years of his career he was Head of Creative Arts at Mansfield High School, Brierfield.

Donald Holden exhibits his paintings throughout the North West and also undertakes commissions for private clients.



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