jill ray

Jill has been a practising Artist and Designer for over 25 years.  She trained first in Fine Art then followed a career as a Landscape Architect until 2012 when she launched Jill Ray Landscapes to combine her design and fine art skills.

She creates prints digitally by building up an image using up to 70 (digital) layers to create the impact she strives for.

 ‘I love the way that by varying the opacity of blocks of colour they combine to build the intensity of the image.’

Her work is driven by exploration of patterns and drama of the landscape and her main concerns are colour, light and the rhythm.  ‘I am fascinated by the way similar shapes and lines echo and repeat in the landscape.’

The moors, woods and coast where she regularly walks provide her subject matter. 

She is a member of both the Sheffield Printmakers and also Peak District Artisans and regularly exhibits with both.



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