joe hesketh


Joe Hesketh, a born and bred Lancastrian, is at the forefront of the British avant-garde art scene. Her work has been compared to Francis Bacon, Paula Rego and Willem de Kooning in style and quality, and is very much unique in its subject matter and interpretation of life as a young woman in 21st century Britain.

‘I paint and draw and sometimes make video work but my focus on sculpture has become a permanent fixture. With melodramatic narratives to talk about things that are current, processing things I see and hear in the news or simply walking down the street, loosely fabricated to highlight the ridiculous.

Reactivation and continuation of traditions, the uncanny familiar of the everyday, the connection between ideas and structures that echo the well known and the exterior world that now soaks through.

The idea of transgression and the element of the grotesque and everything else that puzzles me about this planet and my place in it. Now times flow in a wonky direction, scary…..but exciting times for an artist like me.

My plan is to make something itch, I want the viewer to have a thought provoking candy coloured experience from my brain, which feels fit to burst with idiotic information. From small time town living to having a crush on clowns and always being attracted to colourful distractions, this entity adding to my wildest imagination and showing the transparency and flickering nature of the world.’

“And crawling on the planets face were insects called the human race”
Rocky Horror




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