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john bentley

Always the one with the artistic flare in the family at a young age, but in my teenage years it was that I discovered other interests, I forgot all about art and decided to leave school – stupidly I admit – with no real goal but to grow up fast. It was only at the young age of 30 that I decided to get back to my art. It’s taken me close on 35 years to be happy with what I produce in my creative life.

I specialise in bespoke portraits be it family, child, business headshots, model portfolios or my own fine art creations you see here. I am in love with the old master portrait painters but never became satisfied with my attempts at painting so moved to photography to help me create a painterly quality to my portraits.

I use a lot of fabrics and patterned rugs to include texture and colour to my images. Backdrops are generally created in the studio as and when I need them. Flowers are bought, leaves collected and the whole set created within the studio environment at my photography and art studio based in Horwich, Bolton.



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