julie miles

Nature and Landscape are the inspiration for Julie Miles in her work. Julie creates delicate porcelain vases and vessels with natural objects such as leaves and feathers as decoration or hand drawn motifs of flowers and animals. Julie also creates animal sculptures in stoneware mainly British wildlife hares, weasels, mice etc but has recently ventures into dogs.

The vases are first turned on lathe in plaster to create the shape and then a negative mould is created. Vases are then slip case with parian a type of porcelain which can eventually glaze itself at higher temperature.

They are then bisque fired ready to be drawn on by hand with under glazes and under glaze pencils. The drawings are inspired by the landscape and flowers from the garden. These are then high fired to 1280º to vitrify the clay to make it water tight and also dishwasher safe.

The leaf print vases are hand built with rolled out porcelain slabs which fire a more gentle creamier white that the parian. Each one is individual with a rolled in leaf or flower head then flooded with copper to pick up the fine details.



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