michael lavin

With his feet in the Lancashire clay and his eyes wherever he could put them, Michael Lavin waited until technology caught up with his ideas about light and solidity, before starting this outward odyssey.

The artist creates works that point beyond the flux and flow of existence to catch glimpses of that which is other about us all, and the iPad is the quintessential tool for the job, since the paintings created have no solidity of their own.

The medium itself is really the message. Or you could say that he had no paint and no studio, but he did have an iPad, and this is what the boy done, you choose.

These works are original iPad paintings that have not been sold before and will not be sold again – a unique one off.

Following a stint at art school in the 1970s and after a career in psychological interventions working in the N.H.S. Michael was inspired by one of his artistic heroes to pick up the iPad and start to paint again.



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