nathan pendlebury

Born in Chester in 1973. Nathan Pendlebury grew up in various places across the North West, including Salford, Greater Manchester and Warrington. Nathan studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University from 1993 to 1996 specialising in painting. He later stayed in Liverpool and is still based there today and currently has his studio with Dot-Art in Burlington House, Waterloo (just outside Liverpool town centre).

‘There is a fundamental need for me to create a bridge for which words cannot be found. There is a compulsion to make, and for me making paintings somehow seems the way forward.

My subject is ‘life’. I am interested in colour, and I want my paintings to be confident, positive and vibrant. I prefer to produce more abstract work but the marks and shapes still tend to produce associations nonetheless. Associations are produced like glimpses without always being totally direct in realistic or figurative terms.

I also love music, and the feelings I get from it, and part of what I want with my work is for people to get the same feeling from looking at my painting that I do from listening the music that I like’.



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