theresa taylor

I am a Lancashire based, multi-disciplinary artist, making original prints, paintings, installations and combinations of these. Most of my prints are overlaid with several techniques and are therefore unique, as it would be impossible to repeat the process to make an edition.

My background spans fine art, art therapy and psychotherapy, consequently my work is underpinned by psychological notions and I’m interested in the trace of experiences left behind and the impressions of a presence and an absence. I’m also interested in the natural spaces within the landscape and ephemeral boundaries, using these metaphorically to address my interests.

For example, I have taken underwater photographs off the coast of France, Spain and Italy and used these to create a body of work, exploring this ambiguous, watery space as a metaphor for the unconscious.

I’m currently in residence at the University of Central Lancashire, having recently completed a fellowship award in printmaking and an MA in Fine Art there in 2015.




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